Recovery service for flood hit vehicles

Casons Rent A Car has started a free service of recovery and consultancy for motor vehicles at Casons office in Borella to help motor vehicle owners who got into trouble with their vehicles during the recent floods.

Rent a Car Managing Director M C Zakir Ahamed said that over 3,000 cars in the country had to be discarded during the floods because most of the drivers were unaware of what should be done in that situation.

Flooded roads give serious damages to the car engine and the electronic components of the vehicle. When the vehicle is driven during floods water sucks into the engine and damages it causing costly repairs.

When the water level is above axel level motorists should not drive any further beyond that point and they should never keep the engine running or start in the water.

Ahamed has started this service to make the drivers aware of the important points so that they can take maximum precautions in the future as heavy rainfall is expected very often.

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