Casons to develop 'RENT-A-CAR' business

The leading Rent a Car Company in Sri Lanka Casons will celebrate its 20th anniversary next month. The Managing Director Casons Rent-a- Car Zakir Ahamed said the company will diversify into travel business as well in the near future as there is a huge potential.

"Being able to provide highly professional service at very competitive rates have gained the confidence of their customers which is the secret behind my success.

I am working for 18 hrs a day with my brother Zufar who is also a Director, to maintain and improve this standards," he said.

Recollecting his simple beginning of his company with just one hired car in 1988 and the hard journey onwards, he said he was proud to be able to handle 9000 Islamic delegates that came to Sri Lanka to the highest satisfaction of the delegates.

"Today we are capable of handling any number of clients at any time according to tailor made needs of the clients. He owns a large fleet of all types of vehicles luxury, economical, four wheel etc with a staff of 90 people. Our drivers are well disciplined and well trained, punctual and speak all three languages," he said.

"A son of a school teacher parents from Matale who fell in love with cars from his childhood gave up his job in a private company to start his own business, at a time there was a very few such companies . Still there are only about five major players in the country and Casons has 45 per cent market share at present," he added.

"It was a very difficult time at the beginning cars getting lost, no way of recovering, poor legal support and it is a high risk business even today," he said.

"At the same time there is a huge potential despite the turbulence environment in the country provided the Government and the Ministry of Tourism and Transport take some measures to develop the business by developing roads , reducing prices of cars and ensure protection of the business by imposing suitable rules and regulations," he added.

Casons operates 24 hrs a day and bookings can be made online and they have full capacity to attend to any breakdown immediately through their high tec work shop. It also has a mobile repair unit and it is covered by a reliable insurance package.

According to his longstanding experience he says that the foreigners like self driving but it takes lot of time for them to obtain a temporary driving license when they come to Sri Lanka. He proposes if there is a system operating 24 hrs it will be an additional income for the country as well and it would add value to the service .

Casons has become most sought after rent a car service by foreign missions, five star hotels, Ministries and individuals who always come back when ever they need the service anywhere in the country including North and East. They can be contacted on web," he said.

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