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Sri Lanka is a diverse Island haven with a cultural melting pot that is home to some of the most striking destinations in the whole of Asia making us a main hub for tourism in Sri Lanka. We revel in giving all our visitors a more than satisfactory stay by showcasing our sunny beaches sprinkled with golden sea sand, our mountains back dropped by mist and mystique, our bountiful wildlife preserves and safari’s that are designed to entertain and our revered cultural sites with a history as old as time itself.

Among all this scenic beauty and compelling destinations we are proud to publicize the opening of the Hambantota International Airport, also referred to as the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport; Sri Lanka’s second National Airport that will soon take flight in the town of Mattala; a small town situated 15 kilometers North of Hambantota. The boom of tourism in Sri Lanka in the recent years due to the pleasures of our little island is a notion that we as a country wish to uphold by ensuring that all our visitors are taken excellent care of throughout their stay with us. The construction of this new international airport is therefore an additional feature created in order to keep up with the growing rate of tourists entering our country to enjoy its wonders.

Hambantota is a city that was ravaged by the Tsunami that devastated the island in 2004 and the construction of this airport has taken the dedication of not only our skilled and expert engineers but also the genuine effort of the people to develop the city. The creation of this structure has not only empowered Sri Lanka but opened up a gateway of numerous employment opportunities for the locals who required an outlet for their expertise. The new International Airport is expected to inflate the local aviation industry whilst being a medium for the country’s economic development enabling international trade, tourism, vocational training and employment. It is being implemented as an eco-friendly project. The airport is estimated to cost US $210 million and, by the end of construction, will cover 2,000 hectares.

Hambantota therefore has now raised her head and is home to some of Sri Lanka’s most impressive and successive developments such as; the Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Sea Port, the Mirijjawila Botanical Garden, the Hambantota Salt Pans and a Wind Farm. The Hambantota International Airport, a major success in the Hambantota area will be inaugurated on the 18th of March 2013 and is a structure with pristine architecture and a design of a 10,000m international passenger terminal building that has a handling capacity of 400 peak hour passengers.

This new airport in Sri Lanka will additionally house 10 international check-in counters, 2 domestic check-in counter, 8 departure passport control counters, 3 security stations, 2 customer counters, a 50 meter departure baggage control counter, a 75 meter International arrival baggage carousel, a 45 meter domestic arrival baggage carousel, 7 contact gates and 2 passenger boarding bridges. And these statistics are only those of the initial phase with many more additions to come in future. The main aim of the government opting for this location is in order to create Sri Lanka’s very first Air-Sea transportation hub in order to guide and ensure that our little island reaches greater heights.

Casons-Rent-A-Car, Sri Lanka’s leading Rent-A-Car Company established by Mr. Zakir Ahamed has succeeded in maintaining an incomparable reputation due to expert customer care and superior service that compares only to its diverse and magnanimous fleet that consists of cars, vans, jeeps, bikes and luxury coaches. They are additionally equipped with top notch facilities and courteous and professional drivers to guide their fleet which is always in nothing less than mint condition and are now the proud administrators of 24 hour airport shuttle service to and from the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport all the way to Fort.

Our fleet consisting of cars, vans, jeeps and luxury coaches are available on short term and long term rental equipped with chauffeured drivers or self service. Casons-Rent-A-Car additionally provides budget tour arrangements and accommodation packages to our customers on request in order to ensure that your stay in Sri Lanka is more than satisfactory. Casons-Rent-A-Car additionally facilitates tourism in Sri Lanka by also operating at the travel desk of the Kingsbury Hotel and is therefore more than able to handle the responsibility of your needs and requirements. Their budget tours are sought after by many of local and foreign clientele alike and the implementation of Casons to facilitate airport transfers to and from the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport is proof that dedication, hard work and will power does indeed enable one to reach for nothing less than the stars.

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