Casons Rent A Car - The Official RENT A CAR COMPANY at the Largest AUTO & TRANSPORT EXPO 2014, BMICH


AUTOMARKET, The Auto, TRAVEL & TRANSPORT Exhibition which is an event which will showcase the entire industry under one roof, creating opportunities for the stakeholders to be well informed, serviced and offered with range of products and services.

Industries, companies participating at this event will be able to expose themselves to a target market & aim at their campaigns & promotional activities to the best & the fullest strength enabling them to be highlighted out of the rest.

Industries related to Auto, Travel, Transport, Logistics & supply chain, Aviation & Railway, Sea Transport & Cargo & related industries together with the suppliers, service providers, manufacturers, Agents, Institutions & Organizations, locally & internationally will showcase their products & services in addition to the participation of the government institutions such as the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Private Transport, Ministry of Highways, Ministry of Ports, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Motor Traffic Department, Ceylon Transport Board, Department of Railways, International Transport Commission, Road Development Authority, Airport & Aviation Services, Sri Lanka Police & the Automobile Associations.

Registrations are open for International companies to participate, exhibit, register as Visitors, for this event giving an opening for an international exposure. International companies from India, China, Thailand and Malaysia are expected as e-mail campaigns are done reaching out to companies, organizations & associations.

The event will take place on 25th April to 27h April from 10AM to 10PM at the BMICH, Colombo while offering its facilities & services to our Sponsors, exhibitors & our visitors.

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